When people think of Utah, they often think of skiing, orange jello and kids. And that's great. And even though it looks like that kids above are being robbed, we're all about safe kids (and orange jello).

And what's better than a cool kid? A cool, SAFE kid. So as a big part of our Autumn Women's Show, we're creating a one-stop safe kids portion of the show. Just stop on by to learn all the latest and greatest ways to keep kids safe, as well as some other fun activities for families and children including bouncy houses and more. Enjoy education in the following great areas:

* Seat Belt Convincer & Crash Simulator (Saturday)
* Amber Alert & Gun Safety
* Water, Swimming & Home Safety
* Poison & Tobacco Education
* Sports Concussion Prevention
* Emotional Wellness & Suicide Prevention
* Childrens Safety In & Around Cars
* Self Defense 
* Bike Rodeo & bike helmet safety
* Road Respect & Pedestrian Safety
* Fingerprinting
* Orem Firetruck (Saturday) 

And more fun stuff. See you there!